It All Starts With One Office

When are the office facility hours?

  • Our facilities are staffed by CEO’s complimentary Administrative Assistants from 9am - 6pm Monday through Friday, but are open and operational to key fob holders 24/7 a week, including all holidays.

How much does it cost to park at CEO?

  • Our on-site, ground-level parking is totally FREE at both locations for you, your employees and your visitors. Never pay to come to work again!

What is the building security like at CEO?

  • Security is our #1 Priority. We have every inch of our facilities under video surveillance and have 360 degree flood lights illuminating our private on-site ground-level parking lots from dusk until dawn. Nobody is allowed in the building unless they have an electronic keyfob or are escorted by somebody with a keyfob. This means you don’t have to worry about who’s in the building! Your workflow will no longer be interrupted by unsolicited and unwanted visitors so you can focus on what’s important (growing your business). We can let you know when a visitor has arrived, or you can greet them yourself at the front door.

How much does it cost to book our conference rooms?

  • Every CEO Office entitles you to at least 8 hours of FREE conference room time per month. It is $35/hr for each additional hour thereafter. You can book one of our 8 conference rooms 24/7 - so you always have a gorgeous space ready for your next meeting.

Can I expand into a larger office?

  • We LOVE when our Tenants move during their lease time. At any point in time during your lease, you can expand into a larger office at either of our facilities. Every office at either of our facilities are designed to be expanded - so not only can you move into a bigger space, but you can take over surrounding spaces to suit your business’s expansion needs.

Can I decorate my own office space?

  • We believe that you should feel as comfortable as possible in your business's new home. You can bring your own furniture, decorations and style to your office - we just ask that the office is returned to the same condition it was delivered to you. Some of our Tenant’s offices are like stepping into another world!

Can I have packages delivered to CEO?

  • Every office comes with its own private street-address mailbox. We can accept any package from any carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon). If your package does not fit in our secure package slot, we will happily put it in your office suite.

Can I bring my own phone number into the building?

  • Every office comes with it’s own unique 7-digit phone number that connects directly to the telephone that we provide for you. We can easily port your existing phone number into our facility to be used with our phone systems, enabling you to take advantage of different features like intercomming employees, transferring phone calls, call forwarding and more.